North Island Regional Salon and Exhibition

Gisborne, 20-22 September 2024


  • PSNZ members residing in the North Island of New Zealand
  • Members of PSNZ affiliated Clubs in the North Island of New Zealand
  • PSNZ members (or members of PSNZ-affiliated Clubs) from other regions who are attending the Convention.


Marie Bilodeau, LPSNZ

  • There will be one round of pre judging for the two digital (Open and Nature) sections. The judges will receive the digital images 12 August, with initial grades to be returned for collation no later than 18 August. A Zoom call will take place in the week following to allow for final decisions.
  • Print judging (Nature and Print) will take place 24 or 25 August 2024 in Tauranga.
  • Each section will be judged separately.

Open Images (Print and Digital)
~ Photojournalism subcategory
~ Portrait subcategory
Nature Images (Print and Digital)

You may enter a maximum of 4 images per section.

  • Open Print
  • Open Digital
  • Nature Print
  • Nature Digital

Awards: (Only one award will be made to any one print or digital image.)

  • Champion Open Print (PSNZ Open Print Trophy)
  • Champion Open Digital (PSNZ Open Digital Trophy)
  • Champion Photojournalism Print (PSNZ Photojournalism Trophy – Print)
  • Champion Portrait Print (PSNZ Portrait Trophy - Print)
  • Champion Photojournalism Digital (PSNZ Photojournalism Trophy – Digital)
  • Champion Portrait Digital (PSNZ Portrait Trophy - Digital)
  • Champion Nature Print Image (PSNZ Nature Print Trophy
  • Champion Nature Digital Image (PSNZ Nature Digital Trophy)
  • PSNZ Silver Medal (up to 2 Open and Nature Sections)
  • PSNZ Bronze Medal (up to Open and Nature Sections)
  • PSNZ Honours Ribbon (up to 5 Open and Nature Sections)

Acceptances: Up to 50% of entries in the Open and Nature Sections

Definitions: Definitions of Nature, Photojournalism and Portraits can be found on the PSNZ Website: Images that do not meet the definitions for Nature, Photojournalism and Portrait will not be considered for these awards.

Click on the link, below, to read and download The North Island Regional Salon's Salon Entry Rules and Instructions.

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