Kaiteratahi Ruins (Waipaoa Freezing Works)

Kaiteratahi Ruins (photo credit: Gisborne Camera Club)
Kaiteratahi Ruins (photo credit: Gisborne Camera Club)

Guided by Meghan Maloney and Richard Passey

Join keynote speaker Meghan Maloney in exploring the abandoned site of Waipaoa Freezing Works. Described as a Ghost Building, the old works loom against the sky like some relic of bombed Berlin, this gaunt concrete ruin at Waipaoa, near the main highway bridge, is a crumbling monument to an industrial enterprise which didn't work out.

Built in 1915 for the Poverty Bay Farmers Meat Co. Ltd., the Waipaoa Freezing Works was abandoned after the season of 1930-31, and the plant and other salvageable parts were removed. The imposing building above, with many thousands of feet of floor space, would have a considerable value were it situated nearer the city, but where it is, 15 miles out into the country, its only use at the moment is to serve as a store for baled hay and as a beacon for photographers.

As well as architecture and shape studies, the vast landscape surrounding this building is an ideal place to explore land-based long exposures.

Fee: $15 each to cover entrance to the complex and afternoon tea.

This field trip will be finished off in style with an afternoon tea provided by the award-winning chef and owner of Bushmere Arms. Bushmere Arms is just a short distance away from the ruins.

Note to attendees: Entry to the buildings and climbing of walls are prohibited. Closed footwear are to be worn. Be aware of metal, nails, wires and other hazards.

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