North Island Regional Workshops

Sunday, 22 September 2024 | 9:00 - 11:00 am

These workshops are great opportunities to learn from the experts, and improve your camera handling skills. We currently have four amazing workshops on offer, but are looking at offering a 5th workshop, depending on the registration numbers. Details are still being finalised.

Whilst these workshops are scheduled to run on Sunday, 22nd September 2024, in case of inclement weather, these workshops will become "the wet-weather alternatives" for the field trips on Saturday. The workshops will run on both days.

Workshop 1: John Cowpland and Michael Bradley – Sports Photography and Sportraiture
During their workshop you will spend time at the Patu Tahi Boxing Club, just across the road from the Lawson Fields Theatre. You will have the chance to photograph members of the boxing Club sparing in the ring and modelling for sports portraits. John and Micheal will use their combined knowledge and experience to guide you in the art of photographing action in low light conditions, How to capture the atmosphere of the event and the character of the athletes as well as creating portrait images using off camera flash.

Workshop 2: Paul Byrne - The Road to Honours
A PSNZ Honours distinction is an internationally recognised award, confirming a level of photographic competence demonstrated through a portfolio presentation of a member’s work.

If you’re thinking about applying for a distinction via the PSNZ Honours Board in 2025, the Road to Honours Workshop, at the Gisborne Regional Convention, will provide you with valuable information about the process. The workshop will be lead by a Paul Byrne FPSNZ ARPS AFIAP. Paul has been an accredited PSNZ Judge since 2012 and a member of the Honours Board for the past four years.

The workshop aims to provide relevant information and advice about each of the Honours offered by PSNZ.  In addition to elaborating on the PSNZ guidelines for Honours, Paul will provide advice for applicants to consider when formulating their portfolio submissions. He will explain the assessment process with a view to dispelling any misconceptions or confusion which candidates might have.

[NB. The next Honours submissions open 16th January 2025 and close on 28th February 2025 at 5.30pm. Application arriving after the closing time will NOT be accepted.]

Workshop 3: Meghan Maloney – Escape into the Surreal
During this workshop Meghan will introduce you to the world of ND filters in landscape photography. She will talk you through ways to enhance the existing colour inherent in images, as well as create a sense of the surreal – allowing viewers a chance for escapism as landscapes become more dream-like and fantastical.

Workshop 4: Chris Helliwell – The Finer Points of Printing and Matting your Images
If you would like to learn how to turn your digital images into professional quality fine art prints, without frustration and stress, then this workshop is for you.

Understanding the print process gives you complete control of the finished image, from the immense range of media options to the thrill of watching your image come to life as a ‘real’ artwork.

Chris Helliwell, is an NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographer and Ilford Certified Printer. He is an established nature photographer, and is also the owner operator at Edges Art and Framing in Havelock North. Chris loves sharing his knowledge, skill and experience of photography and printing with others.

He will go over the print process in easy to follow steps to help you gain the skills and confidence needed to produce your own fine art prints at home. Some of the topics he will cover include:

  • Paper range
  • Colour management
  • Soft proofing
  • Different framing materials
  • How to work with printers and framers

Workshop 5: John Drummond – Capturing Faint Celestial Photons that have Travelled many Trillions of Kilometres
John Drummond has been photographing the stars for 50-years. He used to be the director of the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand Astrophotography Section and has had his photos published in books and magazines around the world. In this workshop John will be explaining how to photograph the stars and how he processes the images.

If attending, it will be great if you can try and take some astrophotos before the workshop so that we can look at them (shutter on Manual, 1600 ISO, Autofocus off, lens wide open, ~20 sec + exposures, use a tripod and just point at the densest star region and shoot).

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