South Island Salon Rules & Entry Form

The Salon and Exhibition is being run by the Christchurch Photographic Society.


Who may enter:

  • Convention attendees, (including those from the North Island)
  • Any PSNZ member, or PSNZ (Affiliated) Club members who reside in the South Island of NZ
  • Non PSNZ or PSNZ (affiliated) Club member but residing in South Island of NZ

South Island Convention attendees travelling from the North Island MUST have a valid convention registration before entering the salon.  South Island Convention registrations open on February 10th.

You may enter a maximum of :

  • 4 Print Images, and/or
  • 4 Digital Images per category


  • $7.00 per image

Judging:   Each category will be judged separately


  1. Open Digital
  2. Open Print
  3. Nature Digital
  4. Nature Print
  5. Portrait Digital
  6. Portrait Print
  7. Photojournalism Digital
  8. Photojournalism Print


Definitions of Nature, Photojournalism and Portraits can be found on PSNZ website.


  • Accepted print images will be exhibited, space permitting. In the event of restricted space, each entrant will have at least one of their successful images displayed.
  • Accepted digital entries will be displayed on a High-Definition screen, as part of the exhibition.
  • An AV of successful images, both print and digital, will be compiled and available through PSNZ website using Issuu.


  • Judges: Caroline Ludford LPSNZ LRPS, Toya Heatley FPSNZ AFIAP, James Gibson APSNZ EFIAP/b
  • Judging will take place 25 March 2023


  • Trophies will be awarded for:
    • Champion Open Digital
    • Champion Open Print
    • Champion Nature Digital
    • Champion Nature Print
    • Champion Portrait Digital
    • Champion Portrait Print
    • Champion Photojournalism Digital
    • Champion Photojournalism Print
  • Honours Certificates will be awarded to a maximum of:
    • Four Open Digital
    • Four Open Print
    • Four Nature Digital
    • Four Nature Print
    • Four Portrait Digital
    • Four Portrait Print
    • Four Photojournalism Digital
    • Four Photojournalism Print

Entry Details

  1. Entries Open: 10 February 2023
  2. Entries Close: 10 March  2023  (No late Entries will be accepted.  Print entries must be received by the Salon organisers, at the address below, by 10 March 2023)
  3. Print Entry Address:   PSNZ Southern Regional Salon, c/o Nelson Boustead, 60 Greers Road, Burnside' CHRISTCHURCH 8041
  4. Both print and digital entries MUST be entered using the online form found below.
  5. Entry fees are payable at the time of entry is submitted. Payment for entries can be made by credit or debit card using the paypal link on the entry form.

Print Images:

  • Prints may be any size provided they are mounted on a base having a minimum of 230mm x 180mm and a maximum of 500 x 400mm.
  • Maximum thickness not to exceed 12.5mm.

These dimensions are to include the matt board, if used.

  • Prints must not be under glass or framed.
  • On the back of the prints the entrant must put his/her name and address and number to agree with entry form.
  • Prints may have a title on the face of the print or mount.

Digital Images:

All projected images must be titled.

Images must be saved as a JPEG file with the size for:

  • Landscape Orientation Digital Images being up to a maximum size of 3840px on the horizontal width and 2160px on the vertical side.
  • Portrait Orientation Digital Images being up to a maximum size of 2160px on the vertical side.
  • Images must be saved in the sRGB colour space.
  • Titles: Every image must have a title. For Nature entries, scientific, common names or descriptive titles must be used. The title must not include the author’s name and be no longer than 35 characters.  No title, logo or identification of the author shall be written anywhere on the face of an image. The file name of the digital image should be identical to the title on the entry form and must not include the name of the photographer.
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