Speed it up…Slow it down
A Fresh Look…
Regional Salon, and Exhibition
24-26 September 2021

With a view to creating for members, both a challenge and some excitement, the organising committee of this year’s regional salon have opted for a fresh approach.  

We are hoping that this challenge will be seen as an opportunity to explore and discover new photographic techniques, new genre, and to develop new skills. Therefore, we ask you to only submit images that have not been entered in any other New Zealand salon (they may however have been submitted to a club for evaluation).

Your submissions to this salon may be brand new, or they may be a fresh take on an old image; the choice is yours.


Who may enter:

  • Convention attendees.
  • Any PSNZ member, or PSNZ (Affiliated) Club members who reside in the North Island of New Zealand.

You may enter a maximum of : 4 Print Images, and/or 4 Digital Images

Price: $7.00 per image 

Judging: All images will be judged as Open, but additional awards will be given for images under the following themes: 


  • Speed; Fast or slow, your choice
  • A Serendipitous Moment; An unplanned (or maybe planned), fortunate occurrence
  • An unexpected angle or view; Challenge the way you capture a scene, try different angles, different perspectives or perhaps a different lens.


  • Accepted print images will be exhibited.
  • Accepted digital entries will be displayed on a High-Definition screen, as part of the exhibition.
  • An E Book will be compiled and distributed free of charge to all Regional Salon entrants.


  • Judges: Paul Byrne FPSNZ, ARPS, AFIAP, Meg Lipscombe FPSNZ, Matt Leamy LPSNZ
  • Judging will take place 4-5 September 


Gold Medals will be awarded for:

  • Champion Print Image
  • Champion Digital Image
  • Best ‘Speed’ Image
  • Best Image of a ‘Serendipitous Moment’
  • Best image depicting an ‘Unexpected angle or view’

Honours Certificates will be awarded to a maximum of:

    • Four Open Print Images
    • Four Open Digital Images
    • Two ‘Speed’ Images (Digital and Print)
    • Two Images depicting a ‘Serendipitous Moment’ (Digital and Print)
    • Two images depicting an ‘Unexpected angle or view’ (Digital and Print)

Entry Details

  1. Entries Open: 25 July 2021 
  2. Entries Close: 22 August 2021 (No late Entries will be accepted. Print entries must be received by the Print Secretary, at the address below, by 22 August 2021)
  3. Print Entry Address:  Annemarie Clinton, 1026B Papamoa Beach Road, Tauranga 3118

Print Images: 

Print and Mat Sizing. Images submitted must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a minimum print size of 200 mm on the long side, excluding surrounding mat.
  2. Have a maximum overall size of 510 mm x 410 mm Including surrounding mat.
  3. Prints must not be under glass or framed.
  4. On the back of the prints the entrant must put his/her name and address.

Digital Images: 

    • Digital images will be judged on a calibrated, High-Definition Television
    • Digital images submitted for evaluation should be saved as a JPEG file with the size for:
  1. Landscape Digital Images being up to a maximum size of 1920px on the horizontal width and 1200px on the vertical side, at 72dpi.
  2. Portrait Digital Images being up to a maximum size of 1200px on the vertical side at 72dpi.
  3. Images must be saved in the sRGB colour space.


Every image must have a title.  The title must not include the author’s name and be no longer than 35 characters.  No title, logo or identification of the author shall be written anywhere on the face of an image. 

Both print and digital entries MUST be entered using the online form found here.

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