Local Attractions

If you have the time to stay a  little longer, Taupo has some awesome treasure spots hidden away.

This is a list of a few and we will add to it when we can.

Ohaaki Wetland Project (bird hides). 25 minute drive.
Royal Spoonbills have been reported there. Do the walk and get bird shots. Views of Ohaaki Power Station.

Waihora lagoon   35 minute drive.
‘Magical’ is the only word to describe the Waihora Lagoon when you see the tall trees reflected in the water. This is a shallow ephemeral wetland in a completely natural setting surrounded by swamp forest—from sedges and herbs through to tall kahikatea and rimu trees. Even when there is no water in the lagoon, it still has a special beauty. It is a short 10 min walk from the car park to the lagoon. There is a well-formed track with a boardwalk (the timber was specially selected to cope with the rise and fall of the wetland) snaking through the trees to a platform beside the lagoon.

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